Amino Helps DELTA and Caiway Share Multiscreen Platform in Netherlands

Dutch cable operators DELTA and Caiway have called on UK based Amino to integrate their respective services over a shared multiscreen platform.

This follows acquisition of the two companies in 2018 by Swedish private equity group EQT in separate deals and their subsequent merger into DELTA Fiber Netherlands B.V.

DELTA and Caiway have continued to operate as separate brands while integrating their pay TV as smoothly as possible within a geographically redundant platform based on the AminoTV end-to-end multiscreen video platform. Roll-out is underway and will continue throughout 2019.

Amino’s multi-tenanted solution will provide IPTV over multicast and OTT over fiber, to support multiscreen services that include linear broadcast, as well as pause, restart, catch-up and network DVR capabilities. The deployment will also include the AminoOS Service Assurance solution, which provides operators with management tools designed to support and improve the quality of service and customer experience.

DELTA Fiber began working on a shared platform in January 2018 and has continued to make improvements to the QoS of both DELTA and Caiway during 2018 and 2019. Each brand will now be able to offer an integrated and unified user interface tailored to its own design, while benefiting from a common, modular backend.

Amino says it has been working closely for some time with DELTA, which operates mainly in the southwest of the Netherlands, to enable delivery of a range of multiscreen features and user experience improvements. DELTA has extended its range of live, on-demand and OTT content, including radio programming, through deployment of the AminoTV platform.

Meanwhile Amino will migrate Caiway, which operates chiefly in the region around Rotterdam, onto a shared AminoTV platform to enable it to offer similar functionality, upgrading its current level of service. 

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