Apogee and Audeze Announce NITE MiC USB Gaming Microphone

Apogee Electronics and Audeze have teamed up to offer a premium USB microphone/headphone amp and headphones bundle designed to deliver an unprecedented level of gaming audio quality.

Apogee’s new NITE MiC is a premium USB microphone and headphone amp with built-in digital to analog converter (DAC) that has been customized to work on Macs, PCs and gaming consoles. NITE MiC features studio-grade sound quality and ships in a rugged travel case with a 10-foot micro USB cable, custom pop filter, mic stand adapter and desktop tripod.

In 2018, Audeze introduced Mobius, immersive 3D gaming headphones that combine planar magnetic drivers with Waves Nx 3D audio technology. Mobius is now the official headphone for Echo Fox, the premiere esports organization.

The NITE MiC/Mobius bundle is priced at $499. 

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