Black Box InfoComm 2019 Preview

At InfoComm 2019, Black Box will showcase its range of solutions for modern IP-based and 4K AV visualisation and distribution.

The company will highlight its range of products, with experts from Black Box demonstrating solutions for video walls, digital signage, and control rooms.

Radian Flex Software-Based Video Wall Processing Platform

Radian Flex Software-Based Video Wall Processing Platform

At InfoComm 2019, the company will be highlighting their new Radian Flex Software-Based Video Wall Processing Platform. The solution is a fully software-based video wall processing platform that delivers future-proof flexibility and scalability for digital signage, corporate, education, and mission-critical visualisation applications.

The intuitive software makes it easy to display high-quality content from multiple sources across multiscreen display walls in any imaginable configuration. Users can simply add, move, resize, and change content on the Radian Flex interface, and those changes are reflected in real time on the target video wall, distributed visualisation system, or other display devices.

The solution supports an unlimited number of inputs, screens, and endpoints, so users can easily daisy-chain monitors to display hundreds of H.264 and VNC video streams across multiple screens. Integrated SmartFrame technology ensures perfect picture quality and automates optimal placement of content on screen with minimal setup. 

The platform's robust video engine supports 4K 60fps video up to an industry-leading resolution of more than one billion pixels, paving the way for future 8K resolutions and beyond.

iCOMPEL Digital Signage Platform

iCOMPEL Digital Signage Platform

The company will also be demonstrating its iCOMPEL interactive digital signage platform. The solution uses system-on-chip technology to empower users to build eye-catching signage, stream content from websites, as well as visualise timetables, events, and way-finding or emergency messages. Users can easily play, upload, and share images, presentations, videos, and audio media files on any HDMI screen. 

The platform supports 4K Ultra HD/HD and simplifies creation and playout of HTML5-based content. To facilitate updates and system management, the solution also allows for remote device management and configuration and provides on-screen diagnostics and error alerts.

​Emerald Unified KVM-Over-IP Platform

​Emerald Unified KVM-Over-IP Platform

Also, to be showcased at InfoComm 2019, will be the Emerald KVM-over-IP product family, which provides the high degree of flexibility and network security essential to state-of-the-art KVM (keyboard, video, mouse) extension and switching. 

Black Box will feature the Emerald 4K and Emerald SE (Standard Edition) transmitter-receiver pairs for connecting workstations with remote computers and servers over distances up to 10 kilometres over single-mode fiber, or even farther over IP. 

With more capabilities than other KVM solutions on the market, the solution delivers superior value by lowering the cost of ownership and helping to preserve existing IT investments. The award-winning Emerald 4K delivers pixel-perfect HD or 4K video over an IP network. It allows reliable extension and switching of video (DisplayPort or DVI), transparent USB 2.0, bidirectional analog audio, and serial signals across any combination and number of physical and virtual servers.

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