MainConcept Codec SDKs Included in Corel Video Products

MainConcept Codec SDKs will now be included with Corel’s VideoStudio, Pinnacle Studio, Roxio Creator, and Roxio Toast products.

MainConcept codec technology supports importing, previewing and exporting media files from the timeline or storyboard to common delivery formats. The powerful encoder and decoder libraries help VideoStudio, Pinnacle Studio, Roxio Creator, and Toast users quickly process and generate high-quality content for playback across screens and devices.

“MainConcept is a leader in broadcast and OTT markets, while also enabling most consumer and prosumer video editing solutions for high-quality media processing,” said Thomas Kramer, VP Product Management for MainConcept. “We’re pleased that Corel has implemented MainConcept Encoder and Decoder SDKs into VideoStudio, Pinnacle Studio, Roxio Creator, and Toast to allow users to easily produce best-in-class video content that would have previously only been experienced in high professional applications.”

VideoStudio and Pinnacle Studio are recognized video editing applications that support the complete workflow from capturing, editing, and compositing to outputting projects, or burning them directly to disc. Each software solution offers intuitive features for users who want to produce high quality video, including 4K. Roxio Creator and Toast offer digital media toolkits for Windows and macOS respectively, allowing users to easily capture, edit, convert, and burn digital media content.

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