​Grass Valley Introduces Certification Program

The Grass Valley Technology Alliance (GVTA) for technology and solutions providers is intended to improve purchasing confidence and selection for customers.

The program gives broadcasters and media organizations access to solutions that are interoperable with a range of Grass Valley workflow components and platforms. The initiative also provides GVTA members with co-marketing opportunities and greater market access.

The first member is Frankly Media, which self-describes as a lens-to-screen digital platform. The Frankly Media Express Platform is a suite of tools that enables live and on-demand streams to be edited, managed and delivered to an IP connected device.

“Our customers tell us regularly that they need greater efficiency in how they design and deploy our solutions into their workflows. Precious time is too often wasted dealing with discrete products from multiple vendors that aren’t necessarily built with interoperability in mind,” said Tim Shoulders, president of Grass Valley. “The ability to offer a tested and configured solution with Frankly, especially in a growing area such as digital video delivery, introduces clear benefits to our customers.”

The GV Stratus video production and workflow management platform is also interoperable with Frankly’s SaaS-based suite.

“Frankly’s Express digital video platform and Express Producer CMS fits with Grass Valley’s playout systems and optimizes content workflows in a way that streamlines content from lens to multi-screen delivery,” said Lou Schwartz, CEO of Frankly Media. “Being part of the GVTA gives Frankly the advantageous position of increased exposure in this alliance and Grass Valley’s global customer base.”

Shoulders continued: “This Technology Alliance extends the level of certainty we can provide to our customers, during the purchase decision process, that deployment will be fast and straightforward. Solutions from certified GVTA members will be tested and configured to provide a level of certainty that typically doesn’t exist in the market today.”

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