Decentrix Introduces Complete Cross-Media Platform for Advertising at 2019 NAB Show

The Decentrix BIAnalytix Platform grows enterprise advertising revenue by maximizing inventory value across all properties, enhancing audience valuations with targeted, relevant ad placements and optimizing campaign delivery with minimal inventory churn.

Decentrix's solution maximises ad revenue opportunities by optimising cross-media campaigns and proposals across all advertising platforms through maximum inventory utility, precision pricing, and enhanced audience use. It ensures that business can be booked and delivered according to the guarantee.

BIAnalytix Inventory increases the value of audiences and advertising opportunities by aggregating inventory across all delivery platforms to enable allocation decisions and inventory optimization. It resolves questions such as "How much inventory is available to sell?" and, "What is the best way to monetise all inventory?".

BIAnalytix Rate Card raises an organization’s cross-media revenue opportunities automatically. Using a dedicated machine learning engine, it automatically generates cross-media rate cards based on sales demand pressure, seasonality, and inventory availability that compliments classic rate management strategies.

BIAnalytix Billing streamlines media billing operations by creating a single verifiable invoice from all transactional sales systems, generating accurate postings to financial systems for all advertising business, and delivering a self-service portal for clients to view their invoices on-line.

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