​Quantum Showcase New NVMe Flash Platform

Quantum is launching a new NVMe all-flash storage platform designed to dramatically accelerate media workflows, it says. The company also announced general availability of StorNext 6.2, the next release of the company’s file system.

Quantum’s NVME all-flash appliance combine NVMe storage media with a new software defined block storage architecture and StorNext. The combination is expected to deliver ultra high-performance storage capabilities for the most demanding environments in media today, said the company.

StorNext 6.2 improves performance for high resolution video and offers an S3 interface to Xcellis appliances, “enabling them to serve as targets for applications designed to write to RESTful interfaces” the firm explains. In addition, improved FlexSync replication capabilities enable users to create local or remote replicas of multi-tier file system content and metadata, offering more flexibility to protect a single directory or an entire file system.

StorNext 6.2 is shipping today with the latest generation Xcellis appliances.

Also at NAB, Quantum will feature a range of interactive demonstrations encompassing removable storage for on-set production, NVMe for high performance ingest and edit, as well as color correction and finishing of UHD content and cloud-based solutions for low-cost long-term preservation.

Jamie Lerner, President and CEO, Quantum, says, “The entire media industry is producing more visually stunning and cutting-edge content than ever before, and they’re doing it on Quantum. With our new NVMe appliances, the latest version of StorNext, and innovations like our R-Series ruggedized storage, customers old and new are coming to realize that a storage foundation built by Quantum is essential to the most demanding video workflows.”

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