Embrionix To Show Compact IP Gateways/IP Processing Solutions

At the 2019 NAB Show Embrionix Design will highlight its software-defined (SMPTE ST 2110-compatible) IP conversion and processing solutions geared toward simplifying the path to-and-through IP.

Visitors to the show will get a first look at the company’s new, high-density, All-IP processing solution for mission-critical applications and UHD IP broadcast production workflows.

The company said it is now shipping its emSFP ST 2110 All-IP downconverter and will show new up/cross conversion features for the product at NAB.This miniaturized SD/HD/3G downconverter enables 4K UHD IP content to be viewed and monitored on a HDMI display in a lower resolution while maintaining the sharpness of the original IP signal. The unit will be demonstrated at NAB with new All-IP Up/Cross conversion options.

Embrionix also announced it is now shipping the emFUSION-6 SDI-to-IP gateway, which is targeted at remote “At Home” Production due to its ability to interconnect SDI signals to an IP infrastructure via a single 25GE aggregation link or via dual links for (ST2022-7) hitless redundancy. The new gateway card supports HD, 3G and SMPTE ST2110 4K UHD signals. The emFUSION-6 supports up to 6 POV camera returns with control of pan/tilt/zoom commands. In addition, black burst can be extracted from the PTP, to synchronize cameras.

Another product, the compact emView IP-to-HDMI 2.0 gateway, offers universal support for all 4K/UHD signal formats and resolutions upto 4K UHD 60Hz/hitless redundancy, accommodating any wide, linear and narrow sender. Making the most of a 25GE IP interface (hitless), this versatile gateway protects the integrity of the 4K/UHD image on an HDMI display, regardless of signal type or format.

Finally, the company will show its miniaturized multiviewers and quad splits that enable smart IP monitoring on HDMI displays. The emQuad creates a mosaic view from four SMPTE ST2110 streams and can be installed on the back of any HDMI monitor, while the miniaturized emSFP-Quad will be demonstrated creating a 16-image mosaic from ST2110 IP streams.

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