PAG to Show Mini PAGlink Battery System at NAB

At NAB 2019, PAG will introduce the Mini PAGlink battery, a new compact battery system designed to address the smaller 4K broadcast camcorder market.

PAG said the Mini PAGlink provides all the benefits of its battery linking technology in a more miniature format with the outputs broadcasters need.

The Mini PAGlink comprises 50 watt hour Li-Ion battery packs and smaller battery mounts. The system is scaled down to suit smaller camcorders and powers them in combination with broadcast accessories. The new battery replaces the multitude of incompatible batteries and chargers that are currently required when broadcasters adopt smaller camcorders.

The new MPL50 batteries feature 12 and 5-volt outputs that the camcorders lack, and provide a single power source for the entire set-up. Built into the battery are a fixed D-Tap output and a removable two amp USB, that can be swapped for a Lemo, Hirose or another D-Tap. This allows the power source to be configured with precisely the outputs needed.

When shooting handheld, users can keep the video package light with one or two batteries, offering 50 to 100 watt hours. If the set-up is tripod-mounted, and includes multiple accessories, users can use three or four batteries. These offer 150 to 200 watt hours.

PAG’s digital linking technology allows battery capacities to be accessed in combination, to provide an increased current draw from 10 amps individually, to 12 amps when linked. This is ideal to power a set-up that includes multiple accessories. Batteries can be added or hot-swapped.

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