JDS Japan Digital Serve Chooses Media Links for its IP Video Distribution Platform

JDS Japan Digital Serve has selected an MD8000 transport solution and ProMD EMS Enhanced Management Software from Media Links for the transport backbone of its 100-Gbps IP-based video distribution platform. JDS provides digital broadcasting services to cable TV stations throughout Japan using a terrestrial fiber optic network.

Live testing of the Media Links system is currently underway, with full-scale operation scheduled to begin in March 2019.

The new 100G infrastructure is capable of transmitting multiple uncompressed HD-SDI video signals with full redundancy, which strengthens the video transport between broadcast sites, as well as helps with the management of increased network traffic. Media Links’ ProMD EMS Enhanced Management Software operates and manages the transmission system. ProMD EMS is a multi-user software-based tool used to configure, provision, manage and troubleshoot IP video and media transport networks.

JDS was established in 2000 to support the digitization of cable TV across Japan and currently offers traditional multi-channel broadcast programs (approximately 200 channels (UHD/HD/SD) to over 200 individual cable operators with a combined 6 million subscribers. The company is now working to extend its services and contributions toward next-generation TV services including VOD, Live-TV, Time-shifted TV, and Catch Up TV (Internet Video Services).

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