CueScript Continues to Prompt New Innovations

CueScript, a veteran provider of prompting solutions, has expanded its product line with a full range of new software, prompting displays and accessories for all broadcast and video production needs. This includes a new software line— CueiT Premier, CueiT Production and CueiT News—as well as its new EMC 15-onch and EMC17-inch prompter displays.

The company said it has applied a completely new way of thinking in the approach to the design and workflow of its new CueiT line of prompting software. They feature intuitive, clear and quick navigation that will run on any OS platform (laptop, iPad, iPhone). There’s also CSSC1, a patent-pending prompting scroll control designed to be used with the new CueiT software.

CueScript’s education, middle market and corporate (EMC) line of prompter displays are aimed at productions that do not require the high level of features associated with the company’s existing CSM range of monitors. The EMC15” and EMC17” prompter display are now available with lightweight mounting options for all fluid heads.

The CSM line of LED High Brightness HD-SDI Prompter Monitors is based on the company’s depth of experience in and knowledge of the broadcast industry, as well as feedback from users in the field. By utilizing this information, CueScript has infused each model with all of the features that are necessary for modern broadcast productions, resulting in a major leap forward in prompting technology and displays.

Each of CueScript’s CSM prompter monitors feature low energy consumption and a low power start up, two of the top requirements in today’s diverse range of production situations. Their three-mode adjustable power input includes low (26 watts), medium (30 watts) and high (38 watts). The models also feature an integrated mounting system, low profile design and an increased viewing angle (170 x 16) for easier screen readability.

In addition, built-in LED cue lights come standard with each model, something that is often an add-on option in this product category. There’s also LED adjustable brightness and 180-degree viewing, providing the tools and applications necessary for a variety of productions from an evening newscast to an entertainment program.

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