ADAM Audio Introduces Studio Pro SP-5 Headphones

Unnatural spatial imaging can make mixing on headphones difficult. But it is not so with ADAM Audio’s Studio Pro SP-5 headphones.

Adam Audio said thanks to Ultrasone’s S-LOGIC Plus technology, sonic objects are placed exactly where they are expected in its new Studio Pro SP-5. The technology also significantly reduces ear fatigue. Aside from spot-on imaging, SP-5 headphones also uncover the nuanced details professionals need to make appropriate mixing decisions, by virtue of their revealing 8Hz–38kHz frequency response.

The Adam Audio premium-quality closed-back design also offers excellent acoustic isolation — a must for mixing on mobile production systems. Studio Pro SP-5 headphones include two connection cables and a semirigid transport box.

Instead of bombarding the inner ear directly, these headphones employ decentralized driver positioning that engages the outer ear before the sound enters your auditory canal. This ensures a natural, three-dimensional sound. With Studio Pro SP-5 headphones, directions and distances can be heard and perceived. It’s the closest thing to using studio monitors without using DSP or additional equipment.

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