Object Matrix Demos Hybrid Cloud Storage with AWS Elemental

Object Matrix demonstrated interoperability with AWS including a API integration between MatrixStore from Object Matrix and Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) and Amazon Glacier. It also features interoperability with AWS Elemental MediaConvert for cloud-based video workflows and AWS Elemental Server and AWS Elemental Delta for on-premises and hybrid video workflows.

API integration with Amazon S3 allows for object storage and integration with Amazon Glacier allows for long-term archiving. Interoperability with AWS Elemental MediaConvert allows for file-based transcoding in cloud-based media workflows, and interoperability with AWS Elemental Server allows for fast and reliable on-premises video processing. Further, interoperability with AWS Elemental Live with AWS Elemental Delta allow for delivery of non-linear TV services for on-premises and hybrid cloud media workflows.

The hybrid cloud architecture from Object Matrix, paired with AWS, is intended to give customers greater flexibility and scalability, as well as providing considerable operational and economic efficiencies, said Jonathan Morgan, CEO, Object Matrix. “Continued close collaboration with AWS Elemental and Object Matrix is core to our strategy to enable customers to modernise their storage infrastructure and to enable hybrid and future-proofed storage workflows. 

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