Marquise Technologies Announce MIST Update to Support TSP 2121:2018

Broadcast and OTT need to exchange IMF (Interoperable Master Format) packages and prepare AS-11 X series and AS-11 UK DPP V1.1 Air Masters. The new Marquis Technology MIST provides the features to support the standard.

Marquise Technologies says that the aim was to provide broadcast and OTT content delivery systems with support to exchange IMF (Interoperable Master Format) packages and aid the preparation of AS-11 X series and AS-11 UK DPP V1.1 Air Masters. The IMF application DPP (ProRes) uses the ProRes 422HQ video codec.

The MIST mastering solution already includes the additional features required in the specification, like the sidecar files that contain the specific metadata for the upcoming AS-11 X1 UHD Air Master delivery specification, as well as the OPL (Output Profile List) defining the process needed to obtain an AS-11 file from the IMF package.

Marquise Technologies’ ICE Reference QC Player and TORNADO Transcoding engine will also support IMF Application DPP (ProRes).

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