DekTec SDI Analyzer Now Supports Teletext Analysis

Teletext analysis has been added as a new feature to DekTec’s SdEye application, a powerful tool for the waveform and ancillary data analysis of SDI streams. Now it can also be used to run statistics on embedded teletext data and decode individual pages.

DekTec has added teletext analysis to the SdEye real-time SDI analyzer. The statistics overview shows - in a comprehensive raster format - which pages are present in the stream. Color codes indicate which of them are single pages and which have subpages. It makes it very easy for an operator to verify whether all pages and subpages are present as expected.

A dedicated Teletext tab lets the user navigate through the pages, allowing each page and subpage to be selected for decoding. Operators can check for erroneous characters or other sorts of disturbances. The SdEye application can be combined with any of DekTec’s SDI (SD/HD/3G/12G) interface adapters. For portable use, the combination with the USB-connected DTU-351 HD-SDI input adapter is particularly popular. Analyzing SDI including Teletext data on a PC or laptop has never been more convenient.

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