Assimilate Joins Sennheiser as Latest ‘Ambeo For VR’ Software Partner

VR post-production software company, Assimilate, has joined Sennheiser’s Ambeo for VR partnership program.

Ensuring simpler, quicker, and high-quality workflows for VR video creators, the Scratch VR live streaming and post-production software can accept direct feeds from the Sennheiser Ambeo VR Mic. 

Creating VR360 / 3D and VR180 / 3D experiences requires focused attention to complex details and most usually fast time-to-market. SCRATCH VR 9.0 greatly simplifies the VR post-production process with one-stop shopping – a single, streamlined VR workflow that includes all the needed functions for creating impactful VR180 and VR360 experiences – saving enormous amounts of time, hassles, and money. 

The solution's workflow includes all the necessary VR post-production tools, from preview, to data management, dailies, stitching, color grading, compositing, Sennheiser Ambeo audio, playback, cloud-based reviews, finishing, and mastering.

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