​AJA Advances HDR and Streaming Support

AJA has unveiled FS-HDR improvements that streamline live HDR production and an update for streaming, recording and encoding device HELO which means support for closed captioning,

AJA Video Systems has released new v2.5 firmware for the converter/frame synchronizer FS-HDR and new single and multi-mode fiber SFP options for FS-HDR and FS4.

v2.5 firmware enhances the Colorfront Engine transform algorithm with support for ITU BT.2408-0 for HDR television. Additionally, the FS-HDR now supports a simultaneous 4K/UltraHD and 2K/HD output mode with independent SDR/HDR controls. Newly integrated BBC Hybrid Log Gamma (HLG) Look Up Tables (LUTs) provide basic, mathematical HDR transforms. Infoframe generation on the HDMI monitor output provides an easy, cost-efficient solution for local monitoring on HDR-capable displays. The release will also integrate new standardized HDR test patterns. 

“FS-HDR is an incredibly useful tool for live HDR productions using a variety of sources and delivery formats, and our v2.5 firmware update gives customers even greater flexibility to more easily handle production demands in a single master HDR/SDR environment,” said Nick Rashby, AJA president.

FS-HDR v2.5 firmware will be available June as a free download from AJA’s support page. FS-HDR is costs $7995 with new SFP options are available from $295

The v2.1 firmware for HELO includes closed captioning streaming from SDI input; HLS streaming for direct interoperability with iPads and other consumer devices and Chinese, Japanese and Korean language support in HELO’s web UI.

“With live streaming increasingly used by businesses and individuals to connect with wider audiences in real-time, we’ve seen an uptick in HELO use across a variety of environments,” said Rashby. “Taking customer feedback into account, v2.1 gives HELO users important new functionality while also introducing features to an even wider range of streaming use-cases, including closed caption support for various broadcast OTT needs, and broader language support on the web UI.”

HELO v2.1 will be available in June 2018 as a free download.

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