Edgeware Presents New Ad Insertion and CDN Selection at 2018 NAB Show

Edgeware will debut a number of new features that have been added to its online TV delivery platform. The company will also present customer use cases alongside the results of its own research into how forensic watermarking affects the behavior of viewers watching pirated content.

This year’s show will see Edgeware present a brand new dynamic ad insertion product which has been implemented as part of its Origin solution. Ad Enabler allows for ads to be inserted into the content stream, accurate to the frame, resulting in a glitch-free transition between program and advert. This supports MPEG-DASH – the native format for Android devices which are used by the majority in the mobile device market. The Ad Enabler has been verified with OTT ad tech solutions provider, Yospace to allow server-side ad insertion which prevents ad blocking by the end user and expands possibilities for return on ad spend.

The latest updates to Edgeware’s CDN Selector product – an origin tool that lets content distributors operating a self-built TV CDN supplement their TV delivery through third-party delivery networks – will also be showcased at NAB. The ability to do this further strengthens the case for building your own dedicated TV delivery network. 

The CDN Selector can be used to deliver TV content over any of the major CDN providers’ networks should a self-built CDN network be overloaded or need to reach viewers beyond the already-addressed geographical footprint. Now, content distributors need only scale their own network for a typical number of end-users instead of trying to plan ahead for potential spikes in demand.

Following the successful launch of Edgeware’s now award-winning forensic watermarking solution at IBC2017, Edgeware will demonstrate the functionality and how it can be deployed by content owners to protect their increasingly-expensive TV programming. To stop pirates from stealing and redistributing streams online, content owners can add a unique bitstream watermark which can be easily tracked to individual end users. And to support this, the TV CDN provider will also be presenting its own, original research into piracy habits and how end users change their behavior when armed with the knowledge that an online TV stream has been watermarked.

At the show, Edgeware will also be presenting a user case study about TVB – China’s largest commercial content producer – and how it uses a self-built TV CDN from Edgeware for the ongoing operations of myTV SUPER – its portfolio of online TV services.

Having grown an audience of over five million viewers in less than two years, the myTV SUPER case study reveals how building a dedicated delivery network enables the service to distribute programming both for multiple live channels and for VoD content in HD and 4K resolutions.

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