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Italy’s Videotime Eliminates Patchbays With SSL System T Console’s Internal Dante Routing

Videotime SpA, the production company responsible for much of Italy’s commercial TV programming, has refurbished Studio 10 at its Milan headquarters. The broadcaster has moved to a Dante Audio-over-IP infrastructure, with a System T broadcast audio production console from Solid State Logic (SSL) at its core.

At 1050 square meters (approx. 11302 sq. ft.), "Studio 10" is normally used for large entertainment shows and talk shows such as “Verissimo” and “Quarto Grado,” as well as one-off large-scale broadcast events. It usually runs up to 12 HD cameras, along with two live translation booths.

The recently installed SSL System T console consists of a large, three-bay, 48-fader S500 control surface, redundant T80 Tempest Audio Engines, and several SSL Network I/O stageboxes and SDI bridges.

One particular aspect of System T that appealed to Videotime was its control interface; specifically, the flexible nature of control across the S500 surface suits Studio 10’s busy production schedule.

Luca Gherardi, Videotime's project engineer, said that processing control can be approached in different ways using different “control modes,” Quite a few different engineers use the System T in Studio 10, and each one has their own particular configuration and approach.

Another advantage is the slimming down of the overall infrastructure that comes with System T's network-native architecture and routing system, because it incorporates full network-wide Dante routing. 

Version 2.0 software of the System T console includes immersive audio, “appified” software, and DAW control.

Version 2.0 software of the System T console includes immersive audio, “appified” software, and DAW control.

“The System T has made the whole installation much simpler,” Marco Cosso, a Service Engineer at Videotime, said. “We've removed almost all patchbays and we no longer need the audio side of our studio's AV matrix. All audio routing is done by System T, via Dante. And, when you load a show file, you load all audio routing as well. That's a big advantage.”

Local SSL distributor and systems integrator CaBlaTeam Srl supplied the System T console. Videotime SpA is a subsidiary of Mediaset SpA, the second largest private television group in Europe.

Editor’s Note: At the 2018 NAB Show, SSL will release of v2.0 software for its System T console, which includes immersive audio, “appified” software, and DAW control. NAB will also see the global premiere of the 32-channel version of the S300 compact broadcast console. 

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