Field Report: OETV OASYS Playout

The Oklahoma Educational Television Authority operates an extensive statewide network of 18 full-power transmitters and translator booster stations, automated with BroadStream Solutions OASYS system.

Integrated playout systems specialist BroadStream Solutions recently announced that PBS affiliate, Oklahoma Educational Television Authority, OETA, has gone live with BroadStream’s OASYS Integrated Playout as their broadcast automation solution.

OETA operates 4 channels from their studios in Oklahoma City including OETA-HD, OETA OKLA, OETA Create and PBS KIDS via their statewide network of 4 full-powered transmitters and 14 translator booster stations serving Oklahoma viewers. OETA reaches over 2 million people each week making OETA the most watched PBS station in America.

OETA’s broadcast system includes 4 OASYS playout channels with Extended Graphics capability and Secondary Record. The system has 2+2 Redundancy on the Main and OKLA channels along with two SD channels for Create and KIDS with automatic failover. OETA’s ingest includes four HD and two SD Maker channels plus a 108TB Network Attached Storage system with Indexing Services.

In addition, OETA incorporates OASYS Centralized Services and multiple workstations for monitoring and control using Multi-Channel Web Client, Designer, Browser, Remote Maker Client, two additional Production Servers and integration with Myers Protrack BXF Traffic system to manage traffic and programming.

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