Orban Develops Signal Processing Technologies For openGear Platform

Orban has added the OTV-2.0/5.1 plug-in card to its line of openGear products that are ideal for live TV, OB trucks, television networks and production facilities.

The new The OTV-2.0/5.1 openGear card joins a suite of audio processing technologies that were introduced by Orban last year. It makes Orban’s standalone processing technologies for Radio, TV and Streaming available in the industry-standard Ross Video openGear format. In addition to the OPTIMOD’s standard processing capabilities (including the exclusive Orban Loudness Controller), the openGear card offers iMix Surround Headphone, a patented Orban technology that creates 3D/Immersive audio in any users’ headphones.

David Day, president at Orban, said that the openGear platform brings a new level of versatility for television stations that want to maintain a simple frame structure while being able to select from a wide range of audio and video products for their facilities.“

The Orban Mono2Stereo will also be on display at NAB, used for producing an artifact-free, wide soundstage with natural, spectrally balanced stereo from mono content. The OTV-2.0/5.1 openGear card also incorporates a 6th generation rendering-based upmixer and downmixer, along with 1770 Loudness measurement and compliance.

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