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NAB Show 2018 Engineering Conference

The NAB Show 2018 is hosting the Broadcast Engineering and Information Technology Conference (BEITC) with high-quality presentations on a wide range of relevant and timely topics. The conference run Saturday, April 7 to Thursday, April 12, 2018 and is open to holders of qualifying NAB Show conference passes. With a focus on IP, cybersecurity, workflows and ATSC 3.0, the conference presents the opportunity for broadcast and IT engineers to catch up with the latest technologies. So, if you are wondering if blockchain presents an opportunity or to find out where ATSC is headed, this is the place to find out.

Running throughout this year’s NAB Show is the Broadcast Engineering and Information Technology Conference (BEITC). Held in North Hall meeting rooms, the conference is held in partnership with the Society for Broadcast Engineers (SBE). 

Broadcast engineers are facing an unparalleled set of changes as technology advances on several fronts. This conference is for engineers who want to learn more about the emerging technologies that are changing how the business operates. The ubiquitous SDI interconnection standard, that gracefully took over from analog composite, is being challenged by IP as a transport. This brings major changes like the use of elemental streams as opposed to the embedded audio and ancillary data of SDI. A migration to IP transforms the entire fabric of a station as IP switches and routers replace the legacy crosspoint routers. Although IP leverages the lower-cost, commercial off-the-shelf hardware, it presents new problems that can add to costs. SDI systems are inherently resistant to hacking, to cyber attacks. When the point-to-point connections are replaced with a computer network, the whole nature of security changes. Whereas locked doors and physical access control protected the equipment rooms, IP infrastructure makes a station or facility far more vulnerable to attack, and from anywhere on the globe.

IP, Cybersecurity and Workflows

IP is to be a thread running throughout the conference, and along with it, cybersecurity. The use of IP networks changes the architecture of a facility, it enables collaborative and parallel processes that should enable newer, more agile and efficient workflows, so workflows will also be a big topic for presentations and discussion.

ATSC 3.0

Central to traditional broadcast operations is over the air transmission. As fiber to the home and the rise of the OTT content providers have demonstrated, the broadcast business has changed. To survive, the traditional operators must adapt, and ATSC 3.0 is one such response.

Workshow at 2017 BEITC.

Workshow at 2017 BEITC.

Find Out More About BEITC

The Broadcast Bridge will be running features on the conference program right up to the show, to give you a sneak preview of what to expect as an attendee.

The conference is to be a mix of papers and Ennes Workshops. To view the complete program check this link

The Ennes Workshops were created in 1991 through the Ennes Educational Foundation Trust in an effort to bring affordable local education to SBE members. The Harold Ennes Scholarship Fund Trust was initiated by the SBE Indianapolis Chapter 25 in 1980 in memory of Harold E. Ennes, author of many textbooks for broadcast and broadcast-related communications training and a member of that chapter.

To register follow this link and for a $100 discount on the conference flex pass, quote this code when registering: EP18.

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