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LaON Wireless Intercom Arrives at Canal Sur

Canal Sur Radio and TV in the Spanish autonomous region of Andalusia has become the latest European broadcast company to equip with the South Korean made LaON wireless intercom system.

Launched in 1989 and now transmitting two TV channels and two radio networks, Canal Sur (which translates as Southern Channel) is the public broadcaster for Andalusia. Its headquarters are in the region's capital, Seville, with regional broadcast centres in other main towns.

Canal Sur has bought two LaON LT750 intercoms, which were supplied through the manufacturer's European distributor Broadcast Products, a division of German equipment supplier and systems integrator Broadcast Solutions. The LT750 is the largest standalone system produced by LaON and was reportedly selected by Canal Sur to "complement and expand" existing communications capabilities, particularly in terms of mobility and coverage.

Of the two systems, a package comprising a base station, four belt packs and a RBS repeater is now being used at Canal Sur's studios in San Juan de Aznalfarache, which sits on the opposite bank of the Guadalquivir river to Seville. The aim of the installation was to improve internal comms, particularly in terms of camera operations and additional crew. Each belt pack features full-duplex audio and allows groups to be created for the different teams involved in a production. The second LT750 system features eight belt packs and is a flight-cased, flyaway package designed to be used for outside broadcasters and re-transmissions.

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