Mackie Introduces New Headphone Amps and M48 Power Supply

Expanding it’s product line, Mackie has introduced a series of new headphone amplifiers and a 48-volt microphone phantom power supply.

Mackie said the HM Series headphone amplifiers were designed for studios, practice spaces and quiet sound stages. From expanding a home studio headphone monitoring capability to adding robust cue mix distribution in studios, the HM Series offers the sound quality, reliability and flexibility.

The ultra-compact HM-4 offers an effective way to split a single stereo signal out into four pairs of headphones. Perfect for quickly splitting a phones mix in the studio or even crowding around a tablet to watch a movie at home. The two 19-inch rackmount models, the HM-400 and HM-800, deliver flexible, robust headphone distribution for studios up to 16 outputs.

The M48 Phantom Power Supply offers the full voltage needed for professional microphones, delivering 48 volts of clean DC power. It uses a single XLR input and XLR output. Users can choose 9-volt battery operation or an AC adapter. Dual LEDs alert if it's on and if the battery is low.

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