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G’Audio Lab Launches Live Streaming Audio for 360-Degree Video

G’Audio Lab is launching its livestreaming rendering solution — called Sol Livestreaming — which utilizes spatial audio technology to livestream high quality audio for 360-degree video.

G’Audio Lab said its technology transcends the limitations of current livestreaming formats, allowing users to experience the sound of live entertainment and sporting events without physically being present.

“Livestreaming, high-fidelity spatial audio will bring a totally new level of presence to live events,” said Henney Oh, CEO and co-founder of G’Audio Lab. “Through the magic of VR, you can now experience the sound of concerts, eSports and team sports as if you have the best seat in the house."

While current audio streaming methods are limited to traditional stereo and surround sound formats, Sol Livestreaming uses spatial audio technology to portray a lifelike sonic experience for 360-degree video and a heightened sense of presence. Spatial audio technology allows specific positions of sound sources to be preserved.

The technology provides a sense of directionality for listeners, who can detect the direction, distance and timbre of audio sources. Unlike traditional mono, stereo and surround sound formats, spatial audio responds to the user’s head movements in real time, allowing the experience to become interactive and deeply immersive.

Sol Livestreaming’s integration is designed to serve up an Ambisonics audio signal to precisely depict and surround the listener in a three-dimensional environment. Ideal for livestreaming content, Ambisonics is a format for capturing, transmitting and decoding spatial audio. In addition to capturing and playing audio on a horizontal plane, Ambisonics produces sounds coming from above and below the listener, providing a complete and accurate sense of the soundscape.

G’Audio has adapted its binaural rendering format for livestreaming and squeezed B-format Ambisonics into the popular AAC codec. Utilizing this ubiquitous codec allows Sol Livestreaming and its renderer to be easily adopted across multiple platforms, bringing truly immersive audio to content creators and consumers alike.

G’Audio Lab is a spatial audio technology company based in Los Angeles. Its suite of tools, including Works, Sol and Craft, offers interactive object-based sounds and integration for a multitude of mediums, including 360-degree video and virtual reality.

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