Chile’s Mega TV Deploys Dalet Unified News Operations

Chilean broadcaster Mega TV is revamping its operations with the Dalet Unified News Operations solution powered by the Dalet Galaxy MAM.

Dalet customer since 2012, Mega TV is one of Latin America’s free-to-air broadcast networks and the first private broadcaster in Chile. Headquartered in Santiago, the channel is among the country’s most watched with its line-up of sitcoms, magazine shows and daily news shows including “Ahora Noticias.”

We are keen to expand our footprint and to better engage audiences with the best news content across all possible viewing and listening platforms,” explains Saúl Ureta, technical manager for Mega TV. “As we seek to grow our broadcast portfolio we were faced with a strategic decision. Do we work with independent production and post-production systems which might create silos in our workflow, or do we plan for the future and build a collaborative and highly efficient workflow for news that spans across all our channels? Our experience with Dalet convinced us that the platform was able to evolve and meet all our new requirements by accommodating many different operating and organizational models, latest standards & content formats, as well as a wide palette of integrations and connectors.

“The Dalet Unified News Operations solution in particular offers a much more fluid way of working as well as integrated tools for remote production and collaboration. The solution also comes with a full social media framework that empowers our teams to better engage with their audiences on social media as part of their everyday workflow.”

Journalists, reporters and producers will be able to share assignments, stories and any assets, accessing a single system and toolset via configurable workspaces. Dalet WebSpace and the Dalet On-the-Go mobile app extend capabilities into the field, allowing authorized users to be part of connected workflows. The broadcaster will also use Dalet’s Social Media framework and Dalet Social Media Panel to plan, produce and deliver content to Facebook, Twitter andYouTube, while gathering more data about the audiences and their engagement.

The Dalet AmberFin media processing platform will be used for high-quality transcoding. Content packages will be crafted on Adobe Premiere Pro CC. The Adobe application is brought into the collaborative workflow via Dalet Xtend.  

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