Brainstorm Releases InfinitySet 3 and Aston 3

Brainstorm has added a Combined Render Engine to its Infinity Set 3 with Aston 3 graphics to even further enhance its 3D imagery and Augmented Reality illusions.

Whether it’s for real time graphics, virtual sets or Augmented Reality, Brainstorm is leveraging the rendering power of its core render engine, eStudio 15, to stay on the cutting edge of 3D graphics and virtual studio installations. Their latest release of the production version of InfinitySet 3, built on a comprehensive virtual set toolkit, and Aston 3 graphics creation and editing capabilities, is a major step forward preparing the company for the advent of 4K and even 8K broadcast needs.

“Our expertise in the broadcast and film industry during the last quarter of a century has prepared us to cope with any requirement the markets might have,” said Ricardo Montesa, CEO of Brainstorm. “The latest developments and innovations in InfinitySet Version 3 reinforce our commitment by continuing to provide them with the highest quality content to maximize audience engagement.”

InfinitySet 3 can make your talent and their presentation tools appear to be anywhere.

InfinitySet 3 can make your talent and their presentation tools appear to be anywhere.

InfinitySet’s most prominent features, including industry-first technologies such as 3D Presenter, TeleTransporter, HandsTracking and FreeWalking all take advantage of the company’s unique TrackFree technology.

Last year we saw them enhance the system’s Augmented Reality features, such as VideoGate and VideoCAVE.

Now, a highly anticipated optional feature for InfinitySet is the Combined Render Engine which enhances the power of their own eStudio renderer with the Unreal Engine from Epic Games allowing InfinitySet 3 to control Unreal Engine’s parameters in real time. This will include 3D motion graphics, stats, pie charts, etc., allowing for the creation of hyper-realistic Augmented Reality content.

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