Vowos LLC is a customer-driven company which provides technology solutions for the Media and Entertainment market. Vowos Technology was launched in November 2009. Over the following years, Vowos LLC evolved into a supplier of an integrated HD/SD media management and transmission system, as well as other prospects such as vowos toybox – our ERM Business Management Solution, or vowos roman – a compliance recording system.

The key to our success is knowing how to employ various technologies to produce stable, reliable products in short timescales. This is brought about by relying on our team of experienced developers.

Vowos has considerable experience in software development as well as in the integration of broadcast systems and devices providing easy to use workflows.  Our technology is in daily use providing 24/7/365 delivery.  

We combine hardware and software into a secure, integrated media platform – vowos composer; a scale-out, database-centric system developed for media intensive workflows. It gives you an integrated tool for deploying a complete workflow pipeline, or a system of your choice. By deploying an application, service or component, you distribute it for installation on Computers, servers, devices or the cloud to obtain the following functionalities:

  • Content acquisition, QC, and Asset Management
  • Media Archive based on Vowos distributed fileserver
  • PLAYOUT system in a scale-out or ChiaB architecture

Vowos Composer is a comprehensive ingest, file acquisition, QC, curation as well as archive and playout solution. Powerful graphics and effects, scale-out architecture, delivers enterprise level playlist intelligence, best of breed functionality at a realistic price. IT-oriented environment with high-end Matrox X.MIO I/O broadcast hardware.