DiGiDiA has emerged as one of the leading companies for digital radio equipment in FM, DAB and DRM with systems installed all over the world. DiGiDiA covers the complete transmission and reception chain with completely virtualised head end and SDR based modulators and receivers. The 4 product lines; DAB/DAB+/DMB: encoders, multiplexers with ETI and RF output, ETI/EDI gateways, live ETI generators with ETI/EDI and RF output, monitoring receivers and USB receivers; DRM30/DRM+: content servers, modulators (with integrated audio encoder), professional receivers; synchronous FM: (SFN in FM; perfectly synchronised FM transmission): head end with IP based distribution and exciters/decoders with audio, MPX and direct RF output; transportation and public safety: DAB-BI 2.0 tunnel break-in system for DAB, EasySPLICE local break-in product for DVB. In addition DiGiDiA can deliver customised radio frequency projects with unique know how in software defined radio, COFDM, IP contribution/distribution, encoding and mutliplexing.