Our value proposition is to solve challenges associated with 3D advertising by creating a standard way to advertise across any digital environment. 

Trivver has developed 3D, interactive smart objects that can be placed into online games, VR content, digital videos, digital TV content or apps. These smart objects can be branded products and / or engagement items. The company has created an ad exchange that allows advertisers and developers to trade these smart objects and a user app which allows the consumer to store, navigate and manage ad content.

Behind the scenes, the technology personalizes apps and gaming environments with branded objects that are relevant to the consumer, while providing real-time analytics on metrics such as engagement and conversion to the client. For companies, the experience of advertising via Trivver will be similar to buying and selling ads on some of the existing bidding platforms such as Adwords. But for the consumers, the experience will be completely different as it will knock down existing silos. They will be able to see products of interest to them across applications and platforms and in immersive environments.

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