Our mission is to improve how video is streamed online.

Viblast is an innovator operating in the online video industry that improves on last-mile delivery, stream quality and playback. The company’s software technology steps on WebRTC and HTML5 and solves complex problems such as client-assisted delivery and HLS & DASH playback in HTML5 without the use of plugins.

Its flagship product Viblast PDN (short from peer-assisted delivery network) optimizes video delivery to large numbers of simultaneous viewers through patent-pending peer-assisted technology. It scales real-time, improves QoE parameters and relieves last-mile video traffic congestion while reducing reliance on costly streaming infrastructure.

Targeted at broadcasters and content providers, Viblast PDN enables the delivery of live and on-demand high-definition video to any device and platform in a massively scalable and cost-effective way, achieving bandwidth savings of up to 70%. The technology seamlessly complements existing delivery solutions (CDN/in-house deployments).

Viblast Player is the company’s solution to the challenge of HLS & MPEG-DASH playback in HTML5 plugin-free. It is one of very few available technologies able to play adaptive bitrate (ABR) streams without Flash in HTML5. Besides ABR playback of live and on-demand content, it handles encrypted HLS and DRM-protected DASH streams.