Agama Technologies AB

Agama Technologies provides next-generation quality assurance and monitoring solutions for digital TV and video services. As the first company to provide complete and proven end-to-end, multi-metric monitoring solutions, Agama continues to pioneer and innovate. TV operators and service providers worldwide rely on the established Agama DTV Monitoring Solution for systematic improvements in service quality and customer satisfaction, whilst lowering operational costs and reducing churn. Agama Technologies AB is based in Linköping, Sweden, and is privately held.

Agama Technologies specialises in empowering TV operators’ (IP, cable, broadcast and OTT) businesses with video service assurance and monitoring intelligence. To date, over eighty TV operators worldwide, including Sky, eircom, KPN and Telekom Austria, rely on Agama’s expertise and actionable insights to ensure their customers’ experience and to achieve operational excellence in their video delivery.

The Agama DTV Monitoring Solution is an industry-leading solution for continuous and real-time monitoring, assurance and analytics of the end-to-end video delivery chain, even in multi-platform and multi-screen environments. It provides full transparency of the service distribution from the head-end to the viewing device; and, supports operators’ business processes across departments and workflows with actionable insights that help to efficiently manage service quality and customer satisfaction, whilst lowering OPEX and improving customer retention. Ultimately, this empowers TV businesses with accelerated service growth and profitability, as well as with strengthened customer loyalty.

The Swedish-based company was founded in 2004, taking a completely new and market changing approach to video service quality assurance by offering a service-focused monitoring solution that made quality of experience (QoE) pivotal and by leveraging the extremely fast evolution of software on standardised hardware. Since its inception, Agama has been influencing the industry of the emerging generation of truly business supporting video service management solutions, highlighting quality as an area of strategic importance with a clearly positive impact on operators’ growth and profitability.