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Vidillion, Inc

Vidillions' core competency is maximizing monthly CTV revenues with our unique advertising and distribution system. What sets us apart is that we provide these services at scale.

Last month Vidillion 'stitched' over 70 million network ads, direct-sold ads, buffer clips, etc., into live streams. Vidillion delivered ads in 49 countries.

We maximize content owners revenue by mediating between different ad networks; then exactly pod packing the ad break. This results in a higher 'fill' rate, higher yield, and more money in the TV broadcasters pocket.

As a leader in the CTV industry for five years, Vidillion has solved ad viewability, completion rate, and ad blocker problems. Vidillion’s CTV video ads are 100% viewable, we have a 98.2% completion rate, and viewers can not block or skip our CTV ads. Advertisers only pay if the ad is completely delivered. Vidillion serves domestic and international markets.

Vidillion's individualized frame accurate DAI ad splicing for linear streams is a server side solution, for HLS streams. It does not rely on player discontinuity. The ad insertion is triggered by the TV broadcaster / linear stream provider; or by Vidillions' ad break identification service.

We can use multiple ad triggers, including SCTE, DTMF, playlist, time duration, RTMP trigger, etc.

Vidillion's HLS-DPI for VOD solution that delivers VOD as a "live event" stream that can be paused, but ads not skipped. 

Note the frame accurate ad splicing, and that the ads can not be skipped, the user can not fast-forward over the ads. Also note the improved viewer QoS by not having to look at the 'here is a word from our sponsor' interruption; content flows directly to the ad without black screen.

Vidillion developed the ability to insert video ads into a long video clip or movie, based on elapsed time parameters. At a customer-specified elapsed time period, Vidillion will insert mid-roll ad breaks with predetermined durations into VOD content at predetermined points in the VOD title. The quantity of ads spliced into the content will be based on the content owner defined ad break duration. Insertion of short black frame clips (1/10th of a second for example) are to delineate the ads from the content. As an example, the content owner may specify that the first ad break will occur 20 minutes after the viewers starts watching the content and have a duration of 60 seconds, then subsequent 60 second ad breaks will occur every 20 minutes. This was developed for a content owner that has over 10,000 movies; who was doing pre-roll ads only as they did not want to spend the time to manually review each movie to identify the ad breaks.

From an advertisers perspective, the benefit is guaranteed video ad views.