Digisoft.tv, is a global provider of set-top box software for the cable, satellite, terrestrial and telecommunications industry

Digisoft.tv Ltd delivers advanced software and solutions to Pay TV operators, helping operators to easily realise their visions and get to market quickly with extensible platforms that don’t have to change every time their business goals change.

Digisoft’s Iris Server Service Delivery Platform eliminates the challenging risk of complex headend integration. An enterprise server system with a modular, message bus architecture, Iris Server brings together third party billing, subscriber management, recommendations and DRM systems with ease, providing client devices with a single point of access. Iris Server supports cloud-hosted deployments for a low initial investment and the ability to grow as the client numbers grow. Multi-operator support is provided to allow for multi-vendor deployments from a single installation, each with their own protected set of data and devices.

Digisoft.tv has been in operation for 10 years, and has offices in Dulles, Atlanta, New York with a head office in Cork Ireland.

Clients include Vodafone, Discover Digital and Sigma. The company also undertakes bespoke development work for software platforms and major systems integrators.