Based in the city of Bruchsal in the southwest Germans state of Baden-Württemberg, Qbit develops and manufactures distribution systems for the professional sound and radio broadcasting markets, including audio codecs, encoders, decoders, receivers, transcoders and gateways.

The company's current product range includes: the Q560 multichannel IP audio codec, which offers up to four stereo channels duplex, is EBU TECH compatible with interfaces for IP, ISDN, X-2, ASI and E1 and uses algorithms including MPEG-1 Layer 2, HE-AAC (high efficiency advanced audio coding) versions 1 and 2, enhanced apt-X and others; Q561/Q562 IP audio encoder/decoder, which offers up to eight stereo channels for point to point and point to multipoint audio connections, such as studio to transmitter links (STL); Q565 IP audio encoder for DVB applications, with up to eight stereo channels for creating MPEG-2 TS on IP and ASI; the Q565 eight-channel FM to DVB transcoder for feeding local FM radio programmes into cable networks; the Q575 eight-channel DAB(+) receiver; Q572 eight-channel DVB-S2 audio receiver; Q533 ASI-IP gateway; Q534 IP-ASI gateway; and DAE modular DVB audio encoder system.