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BEXT Inc. is a company specializing in high quality RF equipment for radio, television and industrial or scientific applications.

BEXT Inc. was founded in 1985 and since the very beginning has become known for incorporating innovative concepts and added value into equipment sold to broadcasters and RF users worldwide. The Bext line of RF equipment includes broadcast transmitters, amplifiers, exciters, STLs, translators, boosters, professional receivers, antennas, RF filters, RF combiners and custom RF products for industrial or scientific applications.

BEXT Inc. is based in San Diego, California, and through a network of resellers as well as direct sales has introduced its products to markets worldwide. Throughout the years the Bext line of equipment has achieved recognition from users for its innovative design and features, high performance, value pricing and the company’s commitment to top notch service. Indeed much of BEXT's success is due to good support and servicing to its equipment, 365 days a year including after hours technical support.

From low power to high power BEXT offers a one stop shop for everything RF and a quick turnaround for equipment servicing thanks to a modern facility with a state of the art technical lab managed by experienced veterans of RF engineering.