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Derived from a major US broadcasting company, Technalogix was incorporated in 1995 and quickly emerged as a leader in low power VHF and UHF television power amplifiers and transmitters. With steady growth of its high value and features set designs, Technalogix grew its product line to include television translators and higher power systems. It then focused on offering not only power amplifiers and transmitters, but complete turnkey broadcast package design and sales, and now uses all of the latest high efficiency devices. Customers range from small video transmission firms with custom applications to major national broadcasters with analog and digital (8VSB, DVB) applications.

Technalogix became the first manufacturer to design and install wireless DOCSIS systems in North America in 2004, after turning its attention to the wireless broadband market. The company quickly completed successful implementations in QAM, QPSK, and other applications in the UHF frequencies. Since then, Technalogix has spearheaded rural broadband and wireless internet and data systems in North America and has expanded into many other countries. Applications include internet/data systems in subscription wireless, oil and gas communications, and real time data monitoring, to name a few.

Technalogix then turned its attention to marketing FM broadcast products. It quickly experienced that several 3rd party products did not meet Industry Canada and FCC specifications and took it upon themselves to design and market its own line of FM products and systems. Technalogix now offers a broad line of FM products with a feature set that is unheard of within the price point it markets.

After introducing the FM market, Technalogix then applied its vast wireless experience to innovating RF power amplifiers for industrial, scientific, and medical markets. Technalogix was quickly recognized as a manufacturer of rugged cost-effective designs and has products designed to operate in RF drying, heating, lighting, seismic, sonar, particle accelerometer, medical and other custom applications. Technalogix has also worked closely with private firms, governments, and universities to ensure their projects are delivered on time and under budget.

Over the years, Technalogix has built a solid reputation on its RF systems, but also a complete line of accessories and components to round out any installation.


Technalogix has always strived to design and market a rugged product that has the highest quality and lowest price on North American manufactured RF products. To accomplish this, significant attention is spent on design on products that are easy to work on, but are still as small as possible using non-proprietary parts. Technalogix focuses on the latest generation of devices and components to improve efficiency and save the customer money with operation.

Technalogix extensive use of “off the shelf” parts save customers huge amounts of downtime and maintenance costs if they ever need to replace anything. A typical example is power supplies – to replace ours cost the consumer only a few hundred dollars, where others may charge thousands of dollars for their custom designs. These savings continue all the way throughout our product line.

Technalogix offers a two year warranty on their products to prove that they really believe in what they innovate, manufacturer and market.