Softron Media Services

Softron produces Mac software for both traditional and online broadcasters, as well as post-production facilities and production companies.

It specialises in ingest, playout, streaming, computer graphics and radio programs and, because it works on an open system basis, is able to integrate with third party peripherals. Ingest is covered by MovieRecorder 3, described as a cost-effective means of getting video into a workflow so it can be shared and edited by a number of users.

The Edit While Ingest feature allows material to be edited in Final Cut Pro, Adobe Premiere Pro and other workstations soon after ingest has begun. Softron has four main products for playout: standalone systems OnTheAir Video Express 3, designed for budget conscious installations, and the flagship OnTheAir Video 3, which is modular and can be upgraded; and OnThe Air Manager and OnTheAir Live for client-server environments. During IBC 2013 Softron introduced the Smart Playout Engine as a replacement for the NAVI device previously used for OnTheAir Video and OnTheAir Node. This now supports multiple codecs, MXF playout, dynamic graphics overlay and integral streaming.

Other products include the real-time OnTheAir CG 3 character generator, OnTheAir Studio radio playout system, GPICommander GPI to USB converter, EASController for emergency system integration and OnTheAir Switch for controlling video routers from a Mac. IPTV applications are covered by the MultiStreamer HLS, which is able to take video from any device using the Apple AV Foundation framework for iOS and OS X systems.