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Haymillian is a global media localisation and access services company. Our services can help make your content accessible across the globe and break down the barriers to entering new markets. We have operation teams in 20 countries throughout the world, working in 64 languages.

We specialise in the delivery of high quality and perfectly synchronised subtitles, closed captions, Subtitles for the Deaf and Hard of hearing (SDH), voice-over and dubbing to media organisations worldwide.  

Our selected and trained global operation teams consist of highly skilled and experienced individuals including native translators, IT specialists, post-production experts and project & account managers who pay close attention to your unique needs. Their profound knowledge of their native languages includes dialect variations and slang. They use this knowledge to produce foreign language adaptations that read naturally, retaining all of the nuances and meaning of the original script.

We know that your most valuable asset is your content and it must be protected at all times. In today’s digital world, the Internet of Things (IoT) and the cloud, security is paramount, and how your content is handled, distributed and stored is extremely important. Our proprietary cloud-based platform allows us to deliver in a faster, reliable, and transparent manner, guaranteeing the highest of level of security at all times.