With home entertainment in the midst of exciting changes, Comigo opens the door to an increasingly engaging viewer experience with multiple opportunities and benefits for operators, broadcasters and media companies. Comigo’s comprehensive, advanced platform considerably enhances the TV experience by uniquely extending viewing across all types of handheld devices, opening up ground-breaking personalization and interactive socialization capabilities. Founded by renowned inventor Dov Moran, Comigo presents a platform to make TV truly personal in a way with unique and compelling social interactive features and new types of applications overlaid on top of the broadcast stream.

The Comigo multiscreen platform includes an Android- based secure smart set-top-box that supports OTT, IPTV, and DVB-X services; handheld device applications for iOS and Android-based smartphones and tablets; and a back-end server that keeps track of devices and manages content interactions in real time. The comprehensive platform provides VOD recommendations, manages EPG and social applications, and enables personalization of the user experience. It can easily be integrated with existing back-end solutions and front-end clients, combining TV, video, and broadcast viewing with the Internet, social experience, user interaction and value-added services.

Comigo ‘s Cloud-Based Back-End Solution enables users to quickly launch revenue-generating TV services and capabilities remotely, without requiring any additional investment, using its user-friendly management interface. The company’s value-added services, personalization capabilities and social features, enrich the viewing experience of live TV channels, VOD, and OTT videos via a wide range of devices, including TVs, smartphones and tablets. Comigo’s solution can easily be integrated with any existing operator’s BSS and OSS solutions (Provisioning, Billing, CRM, CDN, CMS, etc.).