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DIGISPOT System GmbH has been established in 2010 as a new self-standing engineering company for the distribution and system installation of the DIGISPOT® II Radio and TV Broadcast Software System in Europe and all countries of the Western Hemisphere.

The DIGISPOT Software System has been one of the first network-based radio automation systems with central data storage. In 2001, the cooperation with Tract Co. in St Petersburg was arranged, together with R.Barth KG from Hamburg, to join in the ongoing development of the DIGISPOT® II broadcast system for radio and TV.

The DIGISPOT® software system installations are accounting for more than 2000 radio stations in different countries worldwide.

The modular structure and versatile functionality of the system covers the range from small stations to large system installations, with multiple ON-AIR play-out studios and several hundreds of workstations, connected to a powerful central data base for all tasks in the broadcast station