Wowza Media Systems

A world-leading streaming server software provider. Wowza customizable software reduces the complexities of video and audio delivery by allowing organizations to build, deploy, and manage streaming solutions for the delivery of live or on-demand content. Wowza built Wowza Streaming Engine software to be as robust and scalable as possible, so customers can stream content to any device, anywhere, regardless of the operating system or architecture it relies on.

Wowza Media Systems was founded by two ex-Adobe executives who understood the vast potential of online video, but recognized that most organizations did not have the tools, training, or technical prowess to take full advantage of it. They knew there was a way to make video simpler — hence Wowza was born.

In addition to its robust Wowza Streaming Engine server software, which powers the core of streaming infrastructures, Wowza provides powerful addons to enhance the streaming experience. Wowza AddOns include:

Wowza Transcoder AddOn, which enables adaptive bitrate streaming as well as video overlays

Wowza nDVR AddOn, which provides DVR-like capabilities for live streams

Wowza DRM AddOn, which facilitates integration with various digital rights management platforms to deliver on-the-fly encryption for live and video-on-demand content to any screen.

Today, Wowza powers streaming for organizations in more than 150 countries, including Fortune 100 companies, small and mid-sized businesses, leading Content Delivery Networks, educational institutions, government entities and more. Some of its biggest customers include SpaceX. IBM, Panasonic, U.S. Air Force, and NASA.