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Digital Broadcast Inc.

Digital Broadcast Inc. is headed by an experienced management team that has been involved with the broadcast industry for many years. With a team of specialists in both broadcast and Information Technology, DBi has developed products that integrate both fields into a single, powerful product line that offers a large variety of features at affordable prices.

DBi'S products include a line of broadcast program and news automation control products including on-air automation and storage, newsroom automation, asset management and archiving, on-air verification and warning, disaster recovery, and broadcast centralization. The product line includes:

MediaFire IP/ASI Automated On-Air Operations a completely integrated, customer-focused IP-based broadcast solution providing multichannel splicing of MPEG-2 and MPEG-4 media for direct feeds to cable or a transmitter.

MediaFire IP Graphics Engine thatkeys graphics directly over MPEG-2. MPEG-4 or AVC transport streams.

MediaFire IP MultiViewer thatprovides monitoring of multiple IP outputs simultaneously at a single screen.

IP/ASI Verification Recorder that automatically records full-bandwidth off-air signals verifying a facility’s aired material and providing a web interface for control and monitoring.

MediaFire Baseband On-Air Operations with seamless on-air playout of long and short form media.

MediaFire IP/Baseband Hybrid Systems offered to meet the specific needs of the customer and provide convenient and phased transition to an IP solution.

DBi Conforming Engine that conforms ingested media to the desired format for playout.

NewsBank Automated Newsroom System integrating the newsroom into one streamlined operation.

Live Feeds Management System thatrecords multiple feeds simultaneously.

MediaVault News Archive System that offers cost-effective local and cloud-based archiving.

MediaVault Production Archive System provides storage on RAID6 clusters, LTO tape or Blu-ray disc jukebox.

MediaVault Share provides facility-to-facility cloud-based sharing distribution.

SafetyNet Disaster Recovery System continually and automatically updates content and current logs on a server located either at the station or off-site.