VITEC is a worldwide provider of innovative digital video products that support end-to-end media solutions. Since 1988, VITEC has played a leading role in the design and manufacture of hardware and software for video encoding, decoding, transcoding, recording, conversion, archiving and streaming over IP. Our comprehensive product portfolio of video solutions covers a wide range of industries including Broadcasting, Government, Military, Sports & Entertainment, Education, Medical, Telco, Enterprise and Transportation.

Starting with the world's first MPEG-1 encoder for micro-computers in 1992, VITEC has been pioneering the field of MPEG technology. From zero-delay IPTV streaming and medical-grade recorders to broadcast-quality encoders and decoders- we are uniquely positioned as an innovator of digital video technologies. In addition to off-the-shelf digital products - VITEC has earned the reputation of a world-class provider of Custom Design and OEM for high-performance video systems.

By integrating leading brands such as Optibase, Focus, Como, Stradis and SyLon with its core offering – VITEC is able to master the entire chain of video services; ingest-processing-disseminating-archiving-creation-playback and is the solution of choice for various high profile video applications worldwide. Our ability to blend existing technologies with application-specific requirements along with the capability to provide turn-key industrial design, development, manufacturing, and validation services allows us to serve our customer base with the right technology, at the right time and to the highest quality.

As an engineering-oriented company, VITEC continues to design and develop ground-breaking video solutions and introduce radical innovations and technologies that are used by major companies. VITEC’s commitment to working diligently with our customers and partners and our engineering talent give us the capacity to turn your dream specifications into a reality.