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Wyplay was founded in 2006 with the vision that the new emerging media over Internet and home connected devices would completely disrupt the TV ecosystem status quo and that most operators didn't have the right tools to address these new convergence trends and new challengers in a timely manner.

Based on this vision, the company developed an open, modular and innovative software solution to answer the operator's convergence challenges.

Wyplay has since insured the success of the most demanding Tier1 operators including SFR, Vodafone, Belgacom...

In 2013, Wyplay and its Tier1 customers reached the conclusion that "Open" was necessary but not sufficient: it was obvious that we needed an "Open Standard"

Wyplay strategy to create an "Open Standard" was to launch our software in open source together with operators and create a community sharing this vision.

This "Open Standard" is called Frog By Wyplay and as of today has 80+ active members ranging through the all TV ecosystem including operators such as Canal+.

With Frog By Wyplay ecosystem, operators are back in the driver's seat.