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ViaLite Communications

The ViaLite brand of RF-over-Fiber products are designed and manufactured by PPM (Pulse, Power & Measurement Ltd). PPM, founded in 1994, has developed its world beating analogue fiber optic link technology into a range of products serving a diverse range of markets including communications, test & measurement, instrumentation and military equipment. 

The wide dynamic range and broadband nature of ViaLite technology supports the transmission of data of any modulation type with minimal degradation. A diverse range of applications is catered for by ViaLite products optimised for specific applications including: teleports, satellite ground stations, satellite downlinks, VSAT, inter facility linking, cellular networks, antenna remoting, TV broadcast and GPS timing signal distribution.

ViaLite is a market leader in satcom terminal equipment. Its success is derived from innovative RF design, ergonomics and exacting compliance to the majority of commercial standards. ViaLite stands for excellence in build quality, world class performance and long term reliability. Our product development program has resulted in the evolution to ViaLiteHD which vastly enhances user functionality and minimises equipment footprint.