ThinkAnalytics Ltd

We are the leading provider and most widely deployed real-time personalized content recommendations engine in the market today, bringing together intelligent search with comprehensive media content recommendations.

ThinkAnalytics Recommendations Engine broadens customers' tastes with a unique personalized experience for live linear TV, VOD and over-the-top, delivered through multiple platforms including the set-top box, Web, IPTV, tablet, mobile, and more. ThinkAnalytics' technology services more than 130 million viewers, across 16 countries worldwide.

Originally founded as K.wiz Solutions in Glasgow, Scotland, the Company developed the original K.wiz product.

The Company was launched as ThinkAnalytics in 1999. The core technology has been in development for over twenty years.

Our Management Team and Board of Directors combine many years of experience in software development, sales and marketing.

ThinkAnalytics is jointly headquartered in the US and United Kingdom with offices in London, Glasgow and Los Angeles.