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TeleIDEA is an experienced and dynamic company located in the heart of Eindhoven, the Netherlands. With decades of experience in DVB and IP technology, TeleIDEA delivers state-of-the art products and services enabling customers to interact and consume digital TV content; what they want, whenever they want it and how they want it.

In today’s ever changing world of digital television, it is important for operators to bring their offerings on a multitude of devices in a user friendly and interoperable way. TeleIDEA develops and deploys solutions for the STB and for connected devices such as iPhone, iPad, PC and Android based systems.
Over the past decade the TeleIDEA solutions have been deployed on four continents and more than 15 million users are enjoying the connected TV experience.

Flexibility and cross-platform compatibility are key ingredients for a succesful solution that can be deployed on a multitude of devices. TeleIDEA applications have been integrated with the biggest players on the STB market, on different CA platforms and for various chipsets and middlewares.
In the connected home, the TeleIDEA applications seamlessly integrates with PC, iPad and Android platforms completing the 21st Century Digital TV experience.