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SVP Broadcast Microwave

Founded in Spain in 1992, SVP Broadcast Microwave is today an important company in constant growth and with a presence all around the world.

Throughout a large trajectory and experience of more than 20 years in design and manufacture in the field of microwaves, SVP can offer its clients the best solutions to satisfy their current and future necessities.

From the beginning, the main objective of our company was and remains to continuously improve the equipment we design. Therefore, SVP dedicates a lot of resources to stay in the forefront of technology and face new challenges. This has been achieved with an excellent R&D department where our talented team designs the most innovative equipment.

SVP has been consolidated as a competitive company in the international market providing products, systems and services for customers all over the world. The equipment and systems from SVP are being used by prestigious companies in the fields of television and security, which are absolutely confident with SVP´s technology and experience.

SVP recognizes the importance of the customers, this being the reason why we offer a personalized and excellent after-sales service. Our clients believe in the SVP professionals and they know we will always support them when making decisions as well as by helping them with any installation and operation problems if they appear.

SVP will continue its tradition of creating new products that resolve the new challenges in the domain of communications and contribute to the development of Broadcast technology, with the most innovative solutions in the present market.