Easy Media Suite

Easy Media Suite is one of pioneers , that developed Broadcast Solutions, specially manufactured for different kind of customers.

We have affordable Software Modules , that can put on Air every local Tv, Big Broadcaster, Media Center .

Providing Broadcast Automation easy to use is the goal of our Company , and the satisfied customers , are the prove, that we are on the right way.

Our main Modules are:

Easy on Air High

  • Quality Playout available in SD, HD or 4K. Advanced Playout with integrated CG, that can work like standalone or it can be part from Full Automation of EMS. Universal Single or Multi Channel 24/ 7 Playout.

Easy Playlist Editor

  • Playlist Preparation offline or online -part of the full Automation.

Easy Net Control-Manege

  • Control and Automate the Playout,CG, Ingest.

Easy CG- Graphic Generator.

  • Graphic Generator, that allows every broadcaster to put on Air all the graphics straightaway with few clicks only.

Easy Ingest

  • Ingest multiple source-and Format. Pre Record-capturing delay compensation.

Easy Stream

  • HD/SD Mpeg2, H264 Streaming
  • RTP/ RTMP /UDP Streaming Support
  • MPEG TS -Multicast or Unicast